Essential Football training equipment

Here at Tobermore United we believe he correct training equipment is essential for a football team to perform at its best. The training equipment range from resistance and strength training equipment to coloured and fun tools. Almost all football players playing at the highest levels are naturally agile and fast. And the right training equipment and regime can significantly boost these abilities. Let’s take a look at the must-have football training equipment. All of what you need for football training and so much more is available from Sports Direct.

Marker Cones

A marker cone is used to define the playing zone during practice sessions. It is also used to erect sprinting courses, pitches and training routines. These cones are usually an integral part of football training that almost no coach would entertain training sessions without them. These cones come in different colours and also come with their own stand, making them usable almost everywhere. Also, the cones are usually made from pliable plastic that helps reduce possible injury risks. There are harder plastic versions as well but they don’t bounce back as good as pliable plastic material and could pose injury risks too. However, the cones should not be too flexible as they may break when players accidentally step on them. 

Slalom Poles

These poles are ideal for agility and speed training routines, specifically upper body movements. The spikes at the pole’s bottom make the poles perfect to be used with grass. You can also insert these poles into bases if you don’t have access to a grass field and would like to use them on hard surfaces instead. By the way, the poles come in different lengths and come with their carrying bags too, which makes it easy to lug them around. 

Slalom Poles training equipment

Training Football

A training football is quite similar to match balls in terms of quality, size and other specifications. However, it may not be certified by associations such as FIFA, DVV, IHF, etc. And the exteriors could sport random, abstract designs too. Made from hard-wearing and robust materials, these easy-to-care balls are ideal for everyday training routines and can be used on different surfaces such as grass or astro-turf. These balls have a longer lifespan too. 


Hurdles are excellent equipment for speed, stamina and agility training. A hurdle is arguably the second popular football training equipment after cones and comes in different sizes. Made from durable, long-lasting material, hurdles can also be used to improve and develop stride technique, jumps, and arm control. There is a strong connection between hurdling and football. In fact, the majority of athletes who hurdle also play football. Most football players who hurdle well are wide receivers and defensive backs. That said, linebackers and running backs also have similar talents. Not to mention, these players are good sprinters too. Hurdling also helps build analytical skills, which come in quite handy on the field. 

Football training equipment and ladder

Speed Ladder and Hurdles

Speed Ladders

A speed ladder helps with endurance and speed training. These ladders are usually made from hard and durable plastic and help during short sprints, footwork drills, and agility exercises. The adjustable ring permits changes in foot speed and could be used both outdoor and indoor. When used outdoors in groups, these ladders could be quite fun to dabble with too. This training equipment is recommended for people who would like to vary their football training sessions. The ladder is usually between 4 and 9 metres in length. This length range is usually the norm because it renders the ladder easy to stow in a carrying bag.

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